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Re: DEP1: how to do an NMU

On Saturday 31 May 2008, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> I also stressed that in the intro, and removed the second paragraph of
> the intro, which didn't really add any value.


> +    * If the maintainer is usually active and responsive, have you
> +      tried to contact him? In general it should be considered
> preferable +      that a maintainer takes care of an issue himself and
> that he is +      given the chance to review and correct your patch,
> because he can +      be expected to be more aware of things that an
> NMUer might miss.

"things" is a bit vague: s/things that an NMUer might miss/potential 
issues which an NMUer might miss/

> +This is not a license to perform NMUs thoughtlessly.  If you NMU when
> +it is clear that the maintainers are active and would have
> acknowledged +a patch in a more timely manner, or if you ignore the
> recommendations of +this document, be warned, there is no protection
> for you here.  You should +always be prepared to defend the wisdom of
> any NMU you perform on its +own merits.

s/more timely/timely/

The "more" does not really refer back to anything.

Thanks. For me this is a definite improvement.


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