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Re: DEP1: Clarifying policies and workflows for Non Maintainer Uploads (NMUs)

On 30/05/08 at 09:15 +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> >   When doing an NMU, you must always send a patch with the differences
> >   between the current package and your NMU to the BTS.  If the bug you
> >   are fixing isn't reported yet, you must do that as well.
> > 
> >   {+After you upload an NMU, you are responsible for the possible
> >   problems that you might have introduced. You must monitor the package
> >   for a few weeks (subscribing to the package on the PTS is a good
> >   idea).+}
> > 
> >   While there are no general rules, it's recommended to upload to the
> >   DELAYED queue with a delay of at least a few days. Here are some
> >   examples that you could use as default values:

I sent two separate emails to two different parts of the thread for a
reason. Now you merged them, and people following only the other
subthread might not read this.

> Since the maintainer has the duty of caring of the NMU even if it does
> not come at the best timing, can you add the corresponding duty for the
> NMUer to try to contact the maintainer? For instance, one could add:
> The use of the DELAYED queue is mandatory when no contact was
> established with the maintainer before the upload.

I think that the DEP is pretty clear about that, and doesn't need to be
improved for that (it emphasizes the need to use the BTS to notify the
maintainer). Can you point to a specific part that should be improved?
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