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Re: DEP1: Clarifying policies and workflows for Non Maintainer Uploads (NMUs)

On 27/05/2008, Bas Wijnen wrote:
> The proposal is to use the DELAYED queue as the default way to do an
> NMU.  This means in particular that the code is already finished when
> the mail about the NMU is sent to the BTS.  So there is no reason to
> allow changes to the patch after this mail; if you need them, cancel
> the NMU and upload an other one instead (sending the new patch to the
> BTS).

I'm talking about ACK'ing a previously-uploaded-and-accepted NMU in a
future upload.

Quoting Charles: “In order to acknowledge the NMU, it would be necessary
to revert the current work, apply the NMU patch, merge the reverted work
and resolve the conflicts.”

I think I wrote about the 3rd paragraph of 5.11.2, maybe I should have
quoted it as well: “When a package has been NMUed, the maintainer should
acknowledge it in the next upload. This makes clear that the changes
were accepted in the maintainer's packaging, and that they aren't lost
again. For this, you MUST first incorporate the changes into your
packaging, by applying the patch that was sent. Make sure to include the
NMU's changelog entry in your own changelog. This is important to allow
the BTS version tracking to work.”

[Emphasis on “must” added on purpose, that was meant to be my point.]


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