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Re: Updated Debian Developers Keyring

* Joey Schulze [Fri, 18 Apr 2008 15:01:23 +0200]:

> Anthony Towns wrote:
> > Not really an automated mail, but we can pretend.

> > The following changes to the Debian keyring have been made:

> > andete
> >     Added key: 062A20ADA62FF34A0DBE6FCD2A75E4D1B59BD712
> [..]
> > brlink
> >     Added key: 36471231FCDCB7A7DBBA935D5B3229580F1D92DA
> [..]
> > micah
> >     Added key: 1130178AD4E90683B09B1EFF74905C458A5F4DA1
> [..]
> > toots
> >     Added key: 0872F2B38DEF6C06187342BD00B969AA1CA95D19

> > vanicat
> >     Added key: 9EBC79C5CECE61149C26FBD84669AAFCD09E8C0B

> > vdanjean
> >     Added key: E71009150981FCD28A0BCA657EC8E2E36CC838D5

> Do we now allow people who don't provide their realname to upload
> packages?

Uh? The listing you quoted doesn't include their names, but you can of
course read them in db.d.o, getent, or the keyring.

(The reason why the listing didn't include the names is, I presume,
because the code to generate it was different, and not prepared for
that, as opposed to the names not being available.)


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