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Re: Updated Debian Developers Keyring

Anthony Towns wrote:
> Not really an automated mail, but we can pretend.
> The following changes to the Debian keyring have been made:

> andete
>     Added key: 062A20ADA62FF34A0DBE6FCD2A75E4D1B59BD712
> brlink
>     Added key: 36471231FCDCB7A7DBBA935D5B3229580F1D92DA
> micah
>     Added key: 1130178AD4E90683B09B1EFF74905C458A5F4DA1
> toots
>     Added key: 0872F2B38DEF6C06187342BD00B969AA1CA95D19
> vanicat
>     Added key: 9EBC79C5CECE61149C26FBD84669AAFCD09E8C0B
> vdanjean
>     Added key: E71009150981FCD28A0BCA657EC8E2E36CC838D5

Do we now allow people who don't provide their realname to upload



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