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Re: infrastructure team procedures (fifth edit)

Holger Levsen wrote:
As I read it, the developers would - if this GR would be accepted as it is - acknowledge, that some people seem to think they act - within their Debian roles - outside Debians constitution.

And since we acknowledge this from now on, this practice becomes fine and dandy??

I hope someone can come up with a construction wording and way out of this dilemma.
We might fare well with

The Debian Prject clarifies that all privileged roles held on debian.org machines are to be considered delegations by the DPL according to the constitution, §....

as long as we trust ourselves not to elect DPLs going nuts with delegations.
Not to spoil the fun of seeing how far Josip can count by avoiding the simple solution without extra safety nets (in addition to override by GR) at all cost.

But of course, Lucas received no response when proposing something similar (but more specific and not mentioning delegation), and the objections to Clints suggestion to not codify self-selection are likely to apply to this variant as well. I would, however, appreciat if an option of the above type was provided if it ever comes to a ballot over this.

Kind regards


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