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Re: Debian website redesign proposal

Hi Nathan!

> I would like to offer a redesign of Debian's website.  I will use
> WordPress to power the new site.

Thanks for the offer!  I discussed your proposal with some Debian
developers.  We came to the conclusion, that Wordpress is not the right
tool for this task.  This has many reasons, one is, that Wordpress had
some security related bugs in the past and that www.debian.org is too
critical to be exposed to these potential security holes.  Also
www.debian.org is a high traffic website with limited hardware resources
and through dynamically generating static content the whole situation
gets even worse, especially when one uses a language that is not known
to be very fast.  Another reason is, that Debian developers want to
manage www.debian.org in a version control system like git or subversion
and without the need to use a webbrowser (some of those sick guys and
girls even prefer using decade old tools like vi and a shell).

> I appreciate the open source community and I thought that this would
> be a good way to give back. 

http://www.us.debian.org/intro/help is a good starting point if you want
to contribute to Debian.  Depending on your knowledge the translation
project or writing documentation may be a good way to begin
contributing.  Maybe even helping other users or packaging software if
you a really experienced in Debian.  Your help would be much


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