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Re: why privacy is mandatory

On Thu, Jan 31, 2008 at 04:46:56PM -0600, John Goerzen wrote:
> On Thu January 31 2008 9:35:08 am Richard Hecker wrote:

> > This looks like confirmation that vorlon was right to
> > mistrust HennaX as a female.

> But surely that is not a requirement to be in that channel, right?

Indeed not.  But the charter of that channel is to be an entry point for
women to get involved in Debian development, and the ops are cognizant of
the impact that gender ratio has on its usefulness in furthering this goal.
We routinely ask men who aren't part of the Debian development community to
leave the channel, though it's not at all rare that the "asking" takes the
form of a kickban before it's heard.

> I am not saying I mistrust vorlon or anyone else.  Frankly that was a huge 
> log, I skimmed it, and didn't find the interesting bits.  And I suspect 
> vorlon based the kickban on other criteria.

I admit that the timing of the kickban was somewhat kneejerk on my part; it
was already reasonably clear that HennaX was not part of #debian-women's
target audience before that point, but the kickban happened when I had
positively identified him.

On the other hand, for several days he'd also been participating civilly on
#debian-devel where I'm also an op, and I saw no need to kick him from
channels he wasn't misusing.  So this isn't a case of trying to abuse my
op powers as part of some sort of vendetta, just enforcement of a standing

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