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Re: How? Where? What?

Toni Olsson schrieb:
> Hello!
> I´m not the kind of person who reads alla your list about the contents in your program, I just want to install it without any complications. Now I just want from you one (1) link to download it from, not twenty.
> Please help me out here and I´m glad to check your program out and install it in one of my computers for evaluation. If there´s a good result I´m also installing it in my daughters computer.

Hello Toni,

giving you only one single link for downloading an ISO CD image is not
that easy, because there's a significant chance that it's the wrong one
and will not fit your computers hardware/situation, and that you might
get a bad impression from Debian by this.

However, I' going to assume you have one or more PCs with either Intel
or AMD inside. Perhaps you even have them linked together via local
network (LAN) and connected to the internet via some kind of broadband
connection like a DSL router/modem. That's my situation too.

In this case you can download and use the smaller (~169 MB) "netinstall"
image from here:

This version will download most of the debian software from the internet
during the installation process, and thus needs a good broadband connection.

If you want to install completely from CD, then I would recommend to
download at least the first of three DVD-Images (4.4 GB each) from here:

To have the complete software collection, download the other two DVD
images as well:

These are the links that I am using. Hope this helps. Remember the
reason that there are so many download links is that Debian ("the
universal OS") runs on nearly every computer hardware out there ;-)

Best regards,

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