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Re: RFC: Introducing Debian Enhancement Proposals (DEPs)

On Wed, 16 Jan 2008, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:

I think the initial mail should be sended to debian-devel-announce
because there might be a lot of interested people who do not read
debian-project.  At least I feel DEP0 should go initially to dda.

Or maybe, it could be "the list that the drivers prefer, with
debian-project@ Cced"?

This sounds even better. Or perhaps "the list the driver feels
apropriate".  In several cases this might be debian-devel.

Some minor DEPs probably won't need a mail to d-d-a before they are

You are right.  But I stick to it that DEP0 should go to d-d-a
because on one hand it is a DEP on the other hand it implements
DEP itself and thus is worth an implementation announcement that
concerns all people involved in Debian.

And having draft DEPs announced on d-d-a might be confusing:
some people might confuse them with accepted DEPs.

Agreed for DEPn (n > 0).

Kind regards



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