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Re: linhdd concerns

[ late, but for the records. ]

Kartik Mistry wrote:
> linhdd introduce binary abs_fdisk which was modified copy of fdisk
> from new version 0.4. It was arch:all before that too, and previous
> maintainer set it to arch:all saying 'it will save achieve space'.

hu?? the previous maintainer, me, did set arch all because the package
*was* arch all only, it did not contain any architecture depended data
at all- it is just a script (up to 0.3-3; no clue what you/upstream did

> As suggested to me, I did removal of linhdd. To fix this bug, we have
> to build util-linux and I think its too much and probably wrong to
> have fdisk stay in /usr/bin.

why not just having uploaded the last sane version with an epoche? then,
you could have took your time to fix the 0.4 version properly.. it's bad
to see 'my' package go just because of that..

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