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Re: linhdd concerns (was: Re: Updated Debian Maintainers Keyring)

On Mon, Nov 26, 2007 at 09:44:50PM +0530, Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan wrote:
> As people have already explained, this is not the first mistake people
> have commited.  And at the same time, I agree that it was a grave
> mistake on my part and I publicly apologize for this mistake. If you
> care to rectify this by removing my account, by all means do so.

Right, and it won't be the last either -- but it seems to me the best 
approach is to prevent similar bugs from happening again.

Unless there's some hidden mass of problems in packages you sponsor (and
I imagine it would've become apparent by now if there were), removing your
account or upload rights or ability to sponsor wouldn't actually be an

But there has to be *something* that could reasonably have been done
to avoid this mistake, that you and other sponsors could just make part
of your routine in future so *this* mistake doesn't happen again. I've
suggested some ways that might work, but your thoughts on the matter
would seem much more useful, both since this was your mistake, and
because you're much more actively involved in sponsoring than I am.

aj, who'd just like to see some failure analysis / air crash investigation
    type conclusions out of this, rather than just "foo sucks and
    shouldn't upload"

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