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developer.php DM-Upload-Allowed field

Package: qa.debian.org

Bas Wijnen wrote:
> DM is meant for people who are already uploading packages through
> sponsors.  So at first the packages they'll be uploading will be (at
> most) the ones they already are in the uploader list for.
> DM-Upload-Allowed may of course not yet be set.
> A list of packages with their name on it would be useful IMO.  This is
> not to be mistaken for what they are allowed to upload "now" (assuming
> they have DM status), and it's not what they may in the future be
> allowed to upload (which is everything).

Adding a field[1] to http://qa.debian.org/developer.php listing the
dm-upload-allowed status of each package would nicely solve this. I'd
also find such a field useful when reveiwing a DM's packages during
application processing.

see shy jo

[1] or some other indicator, it has too many fields already

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