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Re: do all of MJRs subjects sound like they were ripped from the Daily Mail? [was: Re: Is debian profiting from forced child labour?]

No, not all of my subjects sound like tabloid headlines, but I think
too many do and I see now that this last one can be read that way.
My last writing training was from a tabloid newspaper.  Sorry.

Stephen Gran <sgran@debian.org> wrote:
> This one time, at band camp, MJ Ray said:
> > [...] if someone produced a CD of our distribution that did
> > globally-illegal activities by default and sold it labelled as
> > "official debian", I hope the project would act against them.  
> Why do you hope that?  What part of the DFSG leads you to believe we
> should?  And illegal in what jurisdiction?

I hope that because I hope our release managers would never issue such
a public release - why, do you think any would? - so it would be
mis-labelled and we'd want to stop that - wouldn't we?

It's not part of the DFSG that leads me to believe we should act
against such a release, but more the social contract parts like "our
priorities are our users" and our advertising debian as "a nice format
for easy installation on your machine." If we're going to make that
claim, then we should try to make sure that what appears as debian is
that "nice format" and not something which makes users into criminals.

> > The restrictions on what distributions can be labelled as official
> > debian are fairly tight: see http://www.debian.org/CD/faq/#whatlabel
> Yes: 
> "Note that you are allowed to use the Official designation only on CDs
> the image of which has a checksum that matches the one from the jigdo
> files of official releases."
> That has something to do with a random morality or legality in what
> sense?

In the sense that it inherits its morality and legality from the
people who produce the official releases.  That's not as clear and
easy-to-see as declaring "products labelled with our trademark(s)
should uphold the ETI Base Code" or something like that, but it's
still essentially a function of developer views, isn't it?

Hope that explains,
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