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Re: infrastructure team rules

On 16/10/07 at 01:20 +0200, Josip Rodin wrote:
> Hi,
> I pondered a bit about that old subthread about infrastructure teams the
> other day... what follows is what I was intending to post to debian-vote.
> But I'll post it to debian-project first, hoping that people improve it
> before we get to the stage where everyone posts GPG-signed messages :)
> -----
> This originates from this debian-project mailing list discussion
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2007/06/msg00020.html
> Proposed general resolution - Project infrastructure team procedures
> Debian developers acknowledge the following:
> * The Debian Project infrastructure is run by people who volunteer their
>   time and knowledge in a good-faith effort to help the Debian Project.
> * Infrastructure teams are groups of developers who deal with project
>   infrastructure and have access to resources in ways other than
>   the standard practice of uploading Debian packages.

Which teams do you currently have in mind? That applies to DSA,
obviously, ftp-master, but also well-functionning teams such as the
release team?
But it could also apply to every team that has a unix group, even if
it's used to maintain a very small part of Debian infrastructure.

> [...]
> * Intervention by Debian Project Leaders is not a practical solution
>   to resolve issues with infrastructure teams.

Before acknowledging that, it would be great to know the status of the
discussions between the DPL and DSA members.

> * It is necessary to define a modicum of procedure for how developers
>   can join the infrastructure teams in order to improve them while
>   maintaining fairness towards all.

I'm not sure that fairness towards all is even a good goal here: the old
team members will have to work with the new team members. We are not
electing a commitee, where it is good if people disagree because of
diversity of opinions. I'm OK with some teams being cabal-ish if they
work properly.

> Debian developers resolve the following:
> [...]

I'm wondering whether we really need all that bureaucracy.  Wouldn't it
be possible to resolve something like:

  Debian developers resolve that some teams (pick up at least one
  amongst DSA, ftpmaster, DAM) are not functionning properly, and
  empower the DPL to take all necessary actions to restore normal
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