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infrastructure team rules


I pondered a bit about that old subthread about infrastructure teams the
other day... what follows is what I was intending to post to debian-vote.
But I'll post it to debian-project first, hoping that people improve it
before we get to the stage where everyone posts GPG-signed messages :)


This originates from this debian-project mailing list discussion

Proposed general resolution - Project infrastructure team procedures

Debian developers acknowledge the following:
* The Debian Project infrastructure is run by people who volunteer their
  time and knowledge in a good-faith effort to help the Debian Project.
* Infrastructure teams are groups of developers who deal with project
  infrastructure and have access to resources in ways other than
  the standard practice of uploading Debian packages.
* Infrastructure teams have an ongoing responsibility to maintain a level
  of service that is generally acceptable to the developer body.
* It is necessary for infrastructure teams to add new members when
  old members depart from the team or when circumstances prevent
  existing members from contributing to the team effort.
* The practice of existing members of a team finding people to join in
  and help is the original and natural way of changing team membership.
* Training of and otherwise working with new team members requires
  additional effort from existing team members, so care should be taken
  to avoid having too much team effort spent on unnecessary new members
  or new members who would not reciprocate the effort.
* Infrastructure teams have to be stable, but they don't have to calcify.
* Intervention by Debian Project Leaders is not a practical solution
  to resolve issues with infrastructure teams.
* It is necessary to define a modicum of procedure for how developers
  can join the infrastructure teams in order to improve them while
  maintaining fairness towards all.

Debian developers resolve the following:

* Whether a team in Debian constitutes an infrastructure team is
  decided by the Debian Project Leader.
* Infrastructure teams have to decide to mark old members who don't
  sufficiently contribute to the team effort as latent.
* Latent team members count for 50% of an empty seat in the team.
  They can be unmarked as such every four months.
* Team decisions regarding latent team members have to be communicated to
  the Debian Project Leader or to the developers in general.
* Developers can nominate themselves for membership in infrastructure
  teams every four months.
* Candidates for team membership have to demonstrate some minimal existing
  competence in the area.
* Candidates for team membership have to pledge a minimum 18 months
  availability to the team. Teams can vary this time period by 6 months,
  as determined by their specific circumstances and team consensus.
* Infrastructure teams can decide to accept any number of candidates
  after a nomination round.
* Team decisions regarding validity of candidates have to be communicated to
  the Debian Project Leader or to the developers in general.
* Each infrastructure team has to populate every full vacated seat
  (caused by two latent members) every two years.
* Each infrastructure team has to accept at least two valid candidates
  every two years.
* New members of teams have to promise to make every reasonable effort
  to work with the existing team.
* The previous team members reserve the right to promptly remove new members
  who are not willing to work productively in a team or who are otherwise
  a destructive influence in the team.
* Removed members of teams can not nominate themselves for membership in
  the same team for the period of twelve months since their last removal.


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