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Re: soc-ctte discussion at DebConf7

Richard Hecker <gr8birds@qnet.com> wrote:
> Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> >         Are we planning on taking into account things like cultural
> >  differences? Or is the decision going to be that the majority rule (or
> >  the dominant culture) be the governing one?
> I hope the committee will consider these differences before a
> decision is made. [...]

Hope for the best.  Prepare for the worst.

In light of Multi-winner elections, soc-ctte from Antti-Juhani
Kaijanaho, I think it's clear that iterating the DPL election method
does badly against the worst case.  So I looked at recent thinking on
multi-minority elections... governments.  About ten years ago, the UK
Government had a review commission under Roy Jenkins that surveyed
several systems and made recommendations.  You can download a 4Mb PDF
of its report from http://www.makemyvotecount.org.uk/opus16/vol1.pdf

Its recommendation was for alternative vote with a 20% open list
corrective additional member system.  Would soc-ctte candidate
factions group themselves to enable an AMS to work?

Looking more widely, some very divided communities seem to use Single
Transferable Vote when trying to include all views.  If candidates
won't group (which I think they won't), then I think I'd prefer STV.

Finally on this, a short note: I know soc-ctte isn't a bloody
government, but I think it will sometimes have to choose between
exclusive events, which is one thing which makes government so
divisive, so it's a fair place to look for ideas.

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> wrote: [...]
>         I am not sure I agree that Debian as the melting pot is a viable
>  idea. And I find the  concept of cultural hegemony (in other words,
>  Debian culture is dictated by the predominant subgroups, everyone else
>  better fall in line) mildly distasteful.
>         But if this is the will of the masses, I suppose I must give in.

Please don't.

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