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Re: soc-ctte discussion at DebConf7 [was Re: Social committee proposal]

On Thu, 28 Jun 2007, Josip Rodin wrote:

While I certainly appreciate Andreas organizing the talk in the first place,
because if he hadn't, it wouldn't have even gotten into the schedule early
enough for people to generally notice it :) it does seem that we would have
been better off having someone formally steer the discussion and take
official notes (with obligatory interjections, saying "all right, now
everybody making casual comments shut up, do we agree on point X or do
we not?" :).

You are perfectly right.  I intended in the first place some kind of
unmoderated brainstorming but I should have noticed that we just crossed
the line to real decisions by far.  Sorry, perhaps we should do some
"fork universe" before such events to enable us to see how it would
work better when doing different things.  So sorry if I did not made
something better out of it.  I hope that the recording contains the
main information - at least this was my hope when I concentrated more
on the discussion than onto making much notes.

The meeting agreed that a DPL delegation was the appropriate basis for
the SC.  This would allow the process to be refined as we get more
experience and also helpfully provides a useful appointment mechanism.

(I agreed only on the former part of that sentence, but not on the latter :)

Well, I'd regard it "useful" because it might be the fastest way
to get an appointment.  If we do not really know which might be the
best method I'd go for the faster and observe closely how it works.

Kind regards



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