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Debian Trademarks Summary

I've been a bit disappointed to read things like "Debian (through SPI)
lacks, however, a Policy regarding the use of trademark" recently, so
I've collected some relevant links and text at

 * Debian has trademark licensing policies...
 * ...and a trademark licensing delegate to SPI;
 * spi-trademark actually reports to spi-board now; and
 * there's a draft trademark license that we've been waiting for the
 project to do something with it for many months (mentioned on-list
 Sep 2005 and on planet May 2006 AFAICT), so please don't blame -legal
 or SPI for our delays.

Posted to -legal for info, but most replies to -project only please.
If you know of more national registrations, or other updates and
corrections to the summary, please email me directly.

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