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Re: Help...information please

On Thu, Jun 21, 2007 at 02:57:43PM -0700, raygagne@pris.ca wrote:
>    I realize that I may have the wrong place, however I'm hoping that  
> I might also have the right people. The information I seek is this: Is  
> Libranet 2.8 or 3 still available? 

Unfortunately, Libranet was a father and son company. When the father 
sadly died, the son felt unable to carry the business on.

> If so how can I obtain it?

Up until last month, the Linux Emporium had some 2.8 disks. Other 
vendors may have a few left. Essentially, the distribution died, the 
website is gone long since - even if you could find an installation 
disk, you'd have nothing and no support thereafter.

> All I know is that it was based on Debian. Google and like company carry  
> information dated back to 2003. 

It was based on Debian but with some innovative user-friendly features 
for the time. The nearest today is probably Mepis / Ubuntu - desktop 
distributions. The innovations were closed source so have gone.

It is said to be in the Debian  
> archives, however not being an archivist I do not know how to search  
> this fine well of information. All I know what to do is ask, and this  
> I am doing. Any assistance you can give me I will trually appreciate.
>   Thank you for your time, patience and anticipated assistance.
>   Ray Gagne. 

Hope this helps,


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