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Re: Micros*ft deal

* Robert Millan:

> Since every GNU/Linux distributor seems to be positioning with regards to
> possible patent deals with Microsoft, I thought we could do the same.

The patent deals between Microsoft and Linux vendors that have been
announced so far deal with issues that do not seem particularly
relevant for the Debian project (except for the promise not to sue
some people).

If Microsoft promises not to sue us, our mirror operators, and or end
users, for no compensation except a joint press release (we haven't
got much more we can offer anyway), it would be very stupid to reject
such a deal.  Surely, it would legitimize Microsoft as a patent-owning
software company, but I can't really think this is particularly
relevant at this stage.  The business world doesn't see them as
mobsters, and neither do most people in software (not anymore).

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