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Re: Micros*ft deal

On 6/20/07, Robert Millan <rmh@aybabtu.com> wrote:


Since every GNU/Linux distributor seems to be positioning with regards to
possible patent deals with Microsoft, I thought we could do the same.

Actually, it's totally unthinkable that a non-profit organization could do
this kind of deal, in which Microsoft pays you to perform hara-kiri by
losing the right to distribute GPLv3 software.  This is exactly what a
positioning statement would reflect: that our community model is
invulnerable to this kind of threats (and also to going out of bussiness,


I believe our silence says it all, no? If they want to donate us money
for no 'carte blanche' back good, otherwise I don't think it's worth
write a PR and help them spread their FUD, IMHO.

-- stratus

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