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Re: Switching to Debian

Samad Rafeek schrieb:
> Hi, I am a Windows switcher who wants to give Debian a try. I want to
> know that is the cd 1 enough for running a desktop system and if I need
> the other cds for software or can I use apt-get and install more
> software from the repositories. Is one cd enough for the basic GUI
> installation?
> If so why are there 10+ cds for debian installation? If they are for
> software will I be good with cd1 and aptitude?
> Thanking You,
> Samad Rafeek


If you have a good internet connection (network configuration is one of
the first steps in a debian installation), then one CD is enough, the
rest will be downloaded from the repositories during the installation.
If you want to install offline, then you need the CDs, but not all of
them. I guess the first 3 CDs are more than sufficient for a standard
install in any language.

The CDs or DVDs contain the whole debian software repository with ~18000
packages, most of which you'll never use. The most popular packages tend
to be on the first few CDs.

Hope that clears it up. Btw, questions like this are better suited for
the debian-user mailinglist, see http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/

Good luck with your installation and have fun with debian.


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