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Re: What do Open Source Projects need? - part 3

"Patrick Frank" <paddy.frank@gmail.com> wrote:
> The head of Freenode Staff [...Another unsupported claim, along with
> another posting of private mail...]
> "Privacy on the Internet does not exist" [...]

That's incorrect, but off-topic anyway.  If it bothers you, correct them.

> But lets focus on facts:

Yes, let's focus on having nothing to support "Sam Hocevar, who did
parts of his electoral campaign on costs of Sven Luther."  Is it a lie?

> [...] I will be your happy guest to work through the lot of
> defacing and offensive feedback I got as reaction to my
> attempt to discuss a serious community problem.

Feel free to work through the offensive feedback, but your attempts to
discuss a serious community problem are failing, due to trolliness.

None are so helpless as those who refuse to help themselves.
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