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Re: What do Open Source Projects need? - part 3

On 6/8/07, MJ Ray <mjr@phonecoop.coop> wrote:

> stop republishing private email.

You are cute. really.
Just a few mails ago you claim I am riding a hobby horse throught
mailing lists. You mentioned the gNewSense mailing list here.
Point of that call for debate was privacy.
The head of Freenode Staff gave my phone number, taken from
my nickserv record to an offender.

And guess what the feedback was?

"Privacy on the Internet does not exist"

> You have been warned, so I think you're trying to get a ban now.

First I have been warned that I will get banned if I quote statements
from E-Mails outside of this list.

Then list masters realized that it is not their job to take action against
me on call of people who have hurt feelings.

But lets focus on facts:

I was not revealing anything private that is worth to be protected
when I quoted mails from outside of this list here.

They were part of the mailing list threads.

And there is no rule that I broke.

If you want to hold up the Internet Netiquette against me,
then I will be your happy guest to work through the lot of
defacing and offensive feedback I got as reaction to my
attempt to discuss a serious community problem.


Patrick Frank

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