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Fwd: What do Open Source Projects need? - part 3

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From: Patrick Frank <paddy.frank@gmail.com>
Date: Jun 8, 2007 1:26 PM
Subject: Re: What do Open Source Projects need? - part 3
To: Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org>

On 6/8/07, Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org> wrote:

> > And no, Kalle Kivimaa, I dont need proof in form of a web cache that
> > shows the old content of sam2007.zoy.org to be able to say that.

> You certainly don't need anything to be able to say that, but repeating
> a lie does only make it true in your own mind.

OFTC, channel #debian.de:

Feb 06 13:24:41 <Zugschlus> Hm. Svenl kandiert als DPL?
Feb 06 13:26:46 <GyrosGeier> ja
Feb 06 13:26:59 <GyrosGeier> und die Schlammschlacht ist bereits eröffnet
Feb 06 13:36:23 <Tolimar> GyrosGeier: Oh?  Wo denn?
Feb 06 13:36:31 <Tolimar> Damit ich weiss, wo ich nicht hinkucken will ;)
Feb 06 13:39:38 <GyrosGeier> Tolimar, http://sam2007.zoy.org/
Feb 06 13:39:51 <GyrosGeier> Tolimar, ich habe so ein Gefühl, daß Sven darauf reagiert
Feb 06 13:40:48 <Tolimar> Hihi.
Feb 06 13:40:54 <Tolimar> Noch ist es lustig :)
Feb 06 13:41:06 <GyrosGeier> ja
Feb 06 13:41:23 <GyrosGeier> ich weiß nur noch nicht, wo ich die Teletubbies in das Bild montiere
Feb 06 13:42:11 <abi> erst wenn die mail von svenl nach -private kommt dass doch der dpl bitte sam auf allen listen sperren möge wirds *doppelt* lustig :)
Feb 06 13:42:26 <Myon> svenl kandidiert? omg
Feb 06 13:42:43 <Myon> das könnte mich doch glatt zu einer Mail an da-manager motivieren
Feb 06 13:47:18 <aba> *aua*
Feb 06 13:47:31 <aba> das von sam ist mal wieder voll daneben
Feb 06 13:49:31 <HAL9001> GyrosGeier, hast du die seite gemacht?
Feb 06 14:16:27 <GyrosGeier> HAL9001, nein, sam

Dude. Now go and ask these involved people if they have a web cache
that goes back till 6th of February. And if they do, then enlighten yourself.

You guys are pathetic.

You speak about missing proof,
you speak about unsupported claims,
and you call me a troll and a liar.

To all people with a social conciousness outside of your gang this
clearly shows why my complaints about unsocial behaviour, about
defacements and discrimination is perfectly right and justified.

If you pay your lack of social skills with the ability to write code,
then you are no bad person just because of that.

But please limit yourself on what you can do best.

And stay away from community support.

And stay away from responsibilities, positions and priviledges
that generate harm for other people.


Patrick Frank


Patrick Frank
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