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Re: please

walter wrote:
> Don't you think it would be a good idea including a few things in your
> netinst cd? Wireless drivers, for example? Or, at least, the kernel
> sources and compiler, so users will be able to compile the driver. I've

Umh.. the netinst is "just" an installer that picks most of the packages
from the network.  If you want to have the entire distribution on a
medium, you'll have to fetch the full set (as you apparently tried as
well, so I don't understand your netinst request anyway).

> lost a lot of time and plastic trying to download your dvds, cds. All
> corrupt. It seems you or somebody else don't want people know about your
> distro.

All corrupt?  I'm pretty sure something's wrong on your end since you're
the first to report that every CD and DVD image is corrupt.

FWIW: This belongs to debian-user@lists.debian.org.

Could you explain how  you have downloaded the images above and
tried to burn them?  Maybe that explains why you consder them all

It would also be helpful if you'd explain which wireless drivers you
are missing in particular.  Maybe it's those that we cannot ship
anyway due to broken-minded vendors who believe they don't want to
support Free Software and don't release specs or drivers in a
distributable fashion.  Just a guess, though.  We need details.

> It's ironic how easy is downloading private software with its cracks and
> so difficult or imposible getting free software.

What is private software?



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