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Re: please

also sprach walter <roquesor@gmail.com> [2007.06.06.1006 +0200]:
> Don't you think it would be a good idea including a few things in your
> netinst cd? Wireless drivers, for example? Or, at least, the kernel
> sources and compiler, so users will be able to compile the driver. I've
> lost a lot of time and plastic trying to download your dvds, cds. All
> corrupt. It seems you or somebody else don't want people know about your
> distro.

Don't shoot the messenger. Tell the vendor of your wireless card to
take the stick out of their behind and cooperate with the Free
software world. While they do not do so and instead release crap,
security-hole-ridden, and often incompatible firmware which is
closed and thus cannot be improved by people with a clue, Debian
will not support them out of the box. We are a Free operating

The alternative is simply not to buy hardware whose manufacturers
don't cooperate. This is what I've been doing for the last 5 years
or so with great success.


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