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Re: Two GR concepts for dicussion

On Sat, Jun 02, 2007 at 05:12:12PM +0200, Frank Lichtenheld wrote:
> > * any candidate has to pledge a minimum 18 months availability to the team -
> >   to avoid people nominating just for kicks, giving up after a few months,
> >   and essentially wasting team effort spent for training them
> I wonder how you would like to enforce that? Or is this more about
> at least publicly giving that pledge?

It would be a matter of honour, yes... But like I said, it should serve
primarily as a deterrent for people who can't make a reasonable commitment.
I don't expect a particular need for penalties for those who don't manage
(the teams will demote them to latent members or remove them, on a case by
case basis).

> Also I think teams very much differ in how long you have to be in them
> to make a difference. E.g. the release team has a much shorter
> time-frame (IMHO).

Well, from the point of view of effective decalcification of teams, that's
not important. Even if the main product of the team gets made in a much
smaller time period, and even if someone stops actively participating
soon-ish, chances are that after a couple of years the tasks will still be
similar and that there will be new members who need to be taught the job.
Rather than divesting from the current effort by taking the time of more
active team members so that they can help the newcomers, you want to have
existing team members who learned the stuff to stick around and help out.

(This reminds me of grandparents in real life... :)

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