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Ban on svenl established.


I'm sad to make this announcement, but i see no other way to stop the
flood of mails on debian-project.

I just setup a filter which stops the mails from Sven Luther to get to
d-project. This block may be enhanced if we encounter more abusive
behaviour on other lists, but i hope that this isn't nessecary.

Running discussions should be taken to private mail, if someone has a
suggestion to handle this better, we are open to hear it.

Please note that this decision hasn't been made because of the points
svenl is trying to make, the complaints that have reached us mainly talk
about the sheer number of Mails from Sven and his opponents, so we
took this measure to stop the flood.

I hope we can lift this ban in a few days, when the involved people
have calmed down.

        Cord, Debian Listmaster of the day

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