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Re: Deficiencies in Debian


On Thu, 10 May 2007, gregor herrmann wrote:
> * I'd move the "Task description" to the top - IMO "what's it all
>   about/what's the objective?" has the top-most priority.

Not really IMO. The very short description on the Teams page is enough to
understand what the team is about. This paragraph here is just a somewhat
more detailed reminder.

> * IMO the next step would be to define and publish similar pages not
>   only for special teams but for all roles (be they teams or
>   individuals) in Debian.

Sure. All roles should be teams anyway. :-)

> > I've documented the Alioth team and I'll probably continue doing something
> > similar for some other teams that I know quite well. 
> I hope you do that for the Debian Perl Group so that I don't have to
> learn the wiki stuff ;-)

Actually, I probably won't. Packaging teams are not my priority in this
exercise. The real problems that we have are more in the teams that handle
our infrastructure.

> > I started it this week and I'd like to have some feedback on the structure
> > of the template page (see http://wiki.debian.org/TeamTemplate). Are the
> > important information missing? Are some information useless?
> I'm not sure if the "Usual roles" apply often to teams.

I think this is one of the most important section in those pages. 
It documents who is the best point of contact for a specific task
and let outsiders check if there's an opportunity for him.

Of course, for packaging teams it might be less important.

Raphaël Hertzog

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