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LPI exams during DebConf

LPI exams during DebConf7

The DebConf team is pleased to announce the availability of LPI exams
during DebConf7.

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI)[1] have offered to host LPI exams of
all three LPI levels during DebConf, so there will be exams for the LPIC-1
(101 and 102), LPIC-2 (201 and 202) and the new LPIC-3 (301 and 302)
levels. All the exams will be held in English. More information about the
contents of the exams is available from the LPI website.

[1] http://www.lpi.org/

LPI are offering a special price to all DebConf attendees who registered and
reconfirmed[2] before the deadline (2 May).  Any two of the above exams can be
taken for a combined price of 95 EUR. If, for any reason, an attendee is
not able to take both exams during DebConf itself, LPI will issue a
voucher, allowing the second exam to be taken at any other PBT exam
session within twelve months of issue.

[2] http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20070416.210901.4975e4f7.en.html

For any attendees who did not reconfirm in time, the price of the
LPIC-1, LPIC-2 and the 302 exam will be 60 EUR, and the 301 will be 80
EUR, which is half of the normal price.

The exam fees should be paid in cash at the start of the exam session.

In order to attend the LPI exams, pre-register at the LPI website to
obtain a valid LPI-ID. You can do that by visiting


Exam candidates need to bring valid photo identification and this LPI-ID
number to the exam lab.

Once you have your LPI-ID, you also then need to register for the exams
themselves at



About DebConf:

DebConf is the Debian Project's developer conference.  In addition to a
full schedule of technical, social and policy talks, DebConf provides an
opportunity for developers, contributors and other interested people to
meet in person and work together more closely.  It has taken place
annually since 2000 in locations as varied as Canada, Finland and

DebConf is preceded by DebCamp, which is a smaller, less formal event
that gives an opportunity for group work on Debian projects.  Between
both events, DebianDay takes place.  DebianDay is a short conference
aimed at Debian users, and others interested in learning more about free

About Debian:

The Debian Project is an association of Free Software developers
who volunteer their time and effort in order to produce the free
operating system Debian GNU/Linux.

About Linux Professional Institute:

The Linux Professional Institute promotes and certifies essential skills
on Linux and Open Source technologies through the global delivery of
comprehensive, top quality, vendor-independent exams. Established as an
international non-profit organization in 1999 by the Linux community,
the Linux Professional Institute continues to demonstrate recognized
global leadership in the certification of Linux professionals while
advancing the Linux and Open Source movement through strategic partners,
sponsorships, innovative programs and community development activities.

LPI's major financial sponsors are Platinum Sponsors IBM, Linux Journal,
Linux Magazine, Novell, SGI, and TurboLinux as well as Gold Sponsors,
Hewlett-Packard and IDG.

About Edinburgh:

Edinburgh, voted best UK city for seven years running (Guardian
Travel Awards), is the capital of Scotland. DebConf7 will take
place in central Edinburgh, within the UNESCO World Heritage site.

the DebConf team

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