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Re: Copyright Information

On 04/23/2007 09:22 AM, Ian.Knight@statcan.ca wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Ian Knight.  I am working on a project titled "The Living
> Census" for Statistics Canada.  This project is essentially a slideshow
> aimed at high school students to teach them about the history and
> importance of filling out the census.  One image we plan on using for
> our slideshow was found at _http://www.zetnet.co.uk/~pm/photos/_. 
> Unfortunately, there is no contact information on that webpage.  There
> was, however, a picture of Debian's tenth birthday.  I was hoping to
> learn of an email address through which I can contact the owner of the
> picture titled "bulls-young.jpg".  I understand that this request is
> outside of the norm for the intention of this email address but I hope
> that you can be of some assistance.  Thank you very much
> Ian Knight

Looking at the the file:
~$ identify -verbose tmp/bulls-young.jpg
  Comment: Copyright 2004 Paul Martin <pm@zetnet.net>

You might try that.

Ralph Katz

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