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Re: Please expulse Frans Pop from debian

On Tue, Apr 03, 2007 at 09:32:23AM +0200, Frank Küster wrote:
> Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> wrote:
> > On Mon, Apr 02, 2007 at 06:22:01PM +0200, Frank Küster wrote:
> >> Amaya <amaya@debian.org> wrote:

> >> > Sven Luther wrote:
> >> >> Hi, please read the following, and this may give you more of an
> >> >> insight about the situation.

> >> > Please stop this *now*

> >> Why should he?  This is what the DAMs wanted, didn't they?  It is a
> >> totally forseeable reaction.

> > Yeah, the DAMs *totally* asked for this, they knew Sven would behave in a
> > childish manner if they suspended him and they did it anyway.  Sven isn't
> > responsible for his actions, the rest of us are!!  

> Of course Sven is responsible for his actions.

Then asking him to stop is perfectly reasonable.

> But at the same time, the DAMs are responsible for theirs.  It's never
> been disputed that Sven has predictibly shown a certain behavior on the
> lists in the past - and the DAMs chose exactly the option which

> - did explicitly nothing against the destructive effects of such
>   behavior

> - has the highest probability to provoke it again.

The DAMs don't have authority over the mailing lists.  They were asked to
rule on a question of whether a developer's account should be suspended,
which is what they did.  If you think that his mailing list access should be
suspended as well/instead, well, talk to the people in charge of the lists.

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