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A not so Formal inquiry about who censored the wiki pages ...

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> Hello Fellow debian developpers,
> I have now come with a very grave problem, and that it is that someone has
> apparently censored the wiki pages, and actually removed material there, which
> is evidence in my favour in this matter, not reverted, but actually removed
> from the wiki page.
> The incriminated page is the following one :
>   http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/FransPopAndOthersVs.SvenLutherIssue/ReplyFromSvenToGeertStappers?action=info
> where the revision 12 or 14 has been removed.
> This is another attempt to smear me in this war against me, and to remove
> evidence of the misbehaviour of the other party, and a grave offense.
> This is also further evidence of mis-using one's technical access to the
> debian infrastructure, in order to pursue a private warfar.
> I now thus ask officially that the DAMs step in, and act accordying to their
> power and obligation, and expulse from debian whoever it was who has abused
> his debian account in such a way.
> Joerg, Elmo, whoever else is in this charge, this is a clear violation of the
> policy, and as thus, you should immediately take action.
> Friendly,
> Sven Luther

I did seen a modify message like "revert, to remove spam".
The deleted lines did look like links to porn.

So to me is this "inquiry" is about lost porn  :-)

Those who believe it is about something else:
 believe what you want to believe

Geert Stappers
( CC me if you feel the need to reply on debian-project )
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