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Re: notable Debian contributions in 2006

Joerg Schilling a écrit :
>> Distors are often viewed as mere packagers, but they tend to drive
>> upstream development in variety of ways. Here's just a few of Debian's
>> contributions to the world of FLOSS during 2006:
>> * creation of cdrkit, a fork of cdrtools, due to a change of licence
>> which happened to be DFSG-incompatible
> You are not talking about a notable contribution but about a notable
> damage to FLOSS caused by people who are unwilling to cooperate in a useful 
> way. 
> Note that there was a licence change with cdrtools but this was a change 
> towards more freedom and the current official cdrtools are of course still
> accepted free software and do not have any license problem.
> Note that the license change was definitely not the reason for the fork (the 
> fork would have been done in a different way if the license change was the 
> reason). The reason for the change rather was the unability/unwillingness
> of Mr. Eduard Bloch in cooperating. You need to blame him for causing damage
> to Debian users...

You forget to mention Ubuntu users, openSUSE users, Fedora users,
Mandriva users, Gentoo users, Slackware users, BLFS users, and probably

Given the number of distribution involved, I wonder who is unable to


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