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Re: Google SoC - Bug Triaging and Forwarding Tool

"Gustavo R. Montesino" <grmontesino@gmail.com> wrote in message [🔎] 1174306360.5386.20.camel@pc-gustavo">news:[🔎] 1174306360.5386.20.camel@pc-gustavo...

Query BTS according to paramaters given by the user. It could filter
the bugs by maintaner, uploader, package, usertags, tags, etc. Display a
list with bug number, title and tags to the user.

So I could query for all bugs with a specific tag (or usertag).
I could query for bugs of a specific package.
I could query for bugs of packages of a specific maintainer, that are grave severity, with a specific tag.

My initial idea would be to implement this on a GTK user interface. The
code should be done in some way to facilitate reuse on creation of other
interfaces (curses?). Suggestions are very welcome.

A combination commandline/curses interface (like aptitude) would work well IMHO. (I'm not opposed to a graphical interface, but a cammandline and/or curser inteface is very important to have.)

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