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Google SoC - Bug Triaging and Forwarding Tool


Based on a suggestion by Loïc Minier and some of the recent discussions
on the lists, I'm thinking on submiting a Google SoC proposal to create
and tool to aid maintainers and contributors in triaging and forwarding
bug reports. At first, I think the workflow would be something like:

1. Query BTS according to paramaters given by the user. It could filter
the bugs by maintaner, uploader, package, usertags, tags, etc. Display a
list with bug number, title and tags to the user.

2. The user may select one of the bugs. The user would be then able to
do the following on the selected report:

* See the full bug report, followups, etc

* Follow-up to the bug (launch the mail client with the right headers)

* Change the bug tags (generate and send a control mail with the
  choices made by the user)

* Search the upstream BTS for similar bugs (It would use a plugin 
  system to upstream BTS's - Building a plugin for bugzilla would be 
  included in the SoC proposal). If some likely bug is found, it would  
  show the bugs and allow the user to set the forwarded stuff on 
  Debian's BTS. Else, allows the user to easily forward the bug upstream
  using the information available in the Debian BTS as starting point.

My initial idea would be to implement this on a GTK user interface. The
code should be done in some way to facilitate reuse on creation of other
interfaces (curses?). Suggestions are very welcome.

Gustavo R. Montesino

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