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what to concider during the election of the DPL

It is out of the question that I am not in the position to hold a speech for the community
of Debian Developers, and I am also not one of these highly skilled hackers who earned
a lot of respect by their work in the past.

But I think it is important to point you all to an interview with Ian Murdock:

I doubt hard that I am the only one who thinks that Ian Murdock makes a few very good
points about the Debian Project's situation.

And the long threads on the mailing lists about problems, about the need of a SOC-CTTE
and about Dunc-Tank prove that clearly.

A few hardliners might be unable to give up their idea that Debian stands for a pure
democratic experience they'll never face in their real life, no matter in what country they
live. But Debian outgrew that hobby status and became very important for many people,
organizations and companies. And with that comes a lot of responsibility.

And part of that new responsibility is that a few people stop to see themselves as the
centre of the universe. The success of the project should be in the main focus of anybody
who is part of the project.

Since some people cant hold on and remember that, it requires a strong person in the
role of the Debian Project Leader who takes a final decision, even if some people do not
agree and even if the decision is unpopular.

In that case, the entire project could use its massive potential which it definitly has, in
technical regards compared to other Linux distributions.


Patrick Frank

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