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Re: Debian Tartan for Debconf7 ... progress

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Philip Hands wrote:
> My initial attempt at a design (which I'm told by the designer needs to
> change because I used odd thread counts, and they need to be even) is here:
>   http://hands.com/~phil/debconf/debian-tartan1.png

Earlier today I paid a tartan designer to work on that, and he's going to
come up with variations on the theme, as well as probably scaling it down
to 2/3 of the current size to make the "set" smaller, and to make the
stripes be even numbers of threads.

I'll post the designs when I get them in the next couple of days, so that
people can pass an opinion -- Given that people are going to be forking out
350.00 GBP each for these kilts, I think it's fair for the buyers to make
the decision on which tartan to choose (of those the designer comes up
with), but I'd also like the wider developer community to have a chance to
comment, so that there is less chance of them subsequently coming up with
reasons why there shouldn't be a Debian Tartan after the money is spent, so
if you think that Tartan is some sort of post-highland-clearance symbol of
oppression, or other such drivel, please pipe up now :-)

Given the time-frames, we don't have time for votes and the like, so I'm
going to take it on myself to be the final arbiter about whether this goes
forward (on the basis that I'm paying for the up-front costs).

BTW kilt-skirts for women are also available, starting from 115.00 GBP as
can be seen here:  http://www.geoffreykilts.co.uk/lw_info.htm

So, if you're thinking that you might be interested in having one of these,
you need to check your bank balance, and get back to me _soon_ since the
deadline for orders is liable to be in about a week if we want the cloth
ready in time for Debconf  (if you miss that deadline, another batch can
always be done of course, but that will incur another weaver's setup fee
which seems to be somewhere between 300 & 500 GBP).

Cheers, Phil.
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