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Debian Tartan for Debconf7

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Hi Folks,

I'm currently in discussion with a tartan designer to come up with a design
for a Debian Tartan in time for kilts to be made for people that would like
them for Debconf7

The timing is going to be tight, in that we need to get the beginning of
the order process rolling pretty much immediately to give time for the weaving.

My initial attempt at a design (which I'm told by the designer needs to
change because I used odd thread counts, and they need to be even) is here:


The thinking behind that was:

  Decent amount of Red  and Dark Red to reflect the colour of our Logo

  A smattering of yellow and black as a nod to Linux

  Blue because the red/blue combination looks nice IMO

  and the white spells out "debian" in morse

Given that I want to register whatever comes out of the design process as
The Debian Tartan, I also need some form of approval from the project, for
the use of the name.

I intend to cover the costs of design and registration of the tartan as
part of my sponsorship of DebConf7, but I need to know who's interested in
getting kilts so that we can decide how much cloth needs to be woven.

As you can see here:


There are various options for kilts, with the full 8 yard hand sewn kilt
coming in at 350.00 GBP, or Casual kilts for around 200 pounds.

They're not cheap, so I'd imagine that just put most of you off.  I'll
personally be going for the proper 8yard option, and to have them woven as
Auld Reekie (1) 16/17oz, on the basis that even the cheaper options are
pretty expensive, so one might as well do the thing properly, eh?

So, please mail me if you're interested in a kilt for yourself, or feel
free to discuss what's wrong with the idea that Debian should have a Tartan
in the first place, and why I should be burnt at the steak for even
suggesting the idea :-)

Cheers, Phil.

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