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Re: Bits from the DPL: DSA and buildds and DAM, oh my!

* Anthony Towns:

> I'm trying to be descriptive here rather than prescriptive or
> proscriptive

Does this mean that this message is not meant to create any new
delegations?  Below you say otherwise, so I'm confused.

>   * Debian System Administration (DSA)

>      - delegated authority to determine unofficial Debian services via delegation
>        of debian.net subdomains

Hasn't debian.net DNS management delegated to others?

> In my opinion the only roles that have any "DPL delegation" part are the
> ones I've described as "delegated authority" above -- ie, DAM's ability
> to determine who's a Debian developer, and DSA's management of the
> debian.org and debian.net domains.

Among other things, ftp-master decides what's acceptable for the
archive (see the Java 5 addition if this is not clear), and IMHO, this
activity needs delegation, too.  But according to my reading of the
Constitution (Article 2.1(2)), you cannot delegate to a team you are a
member of, anyway.

I'm positively surprised that DSA and keyring-maint themselves want to
use RT to improve their communication.

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