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Re: Google Summer of Code

On 2007-02-16, Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> wrote:
>                  if so, have a list of suggested projects up, along with
>                  recommendation on what students should expect if they get

A list of projects I just thought of - I have no clue how much work
there are in them - and wether they have really been started already

Have a working debian-installer from debian-live - (one of the good
thins ubuntu has done - we want one of those)

get d-i working

a automatic tool to easy show "same files" across packages - to make it
easy to find if weird-licensed stuff is in other packages also - or in
other packages with better licenses.

Automatic tests of wether a program *works*  (I know - difficult ;)

Something with improvement of usertags
some kind of program running locally to help manipulating bugs
Make it easy to divide the bug count in big packages in smaller bunches
Make it possible to assign bugs to people (especially in teams)

Study source-only uploads - and maybe implements technical solutions to 
"not break arm if people keeps throwing sources at the buildds until it 
builds" and arch:all packages.

> Anyone want to volunteer to take the lead on the first couple of steps?
not me  -  but I_thought of posting my ideas anyway.


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