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Re: Social Committee proposal text (diff)

Josip Rodin <joy@entuzijast.net> wrote:
>    <LI>The Technical Committee and/or its Chairman;</LI>
> +  <LI>The Social Committee and/or its Chairman;</LI>
[+ many similar additions]

Alternatively, just s/The Technical Committee/A constitution-defined
committee/ where applicable.  I think adding soc-ctte analogues to
most mentions of tech-ctte makes the constitution significantly less

> +  <li>
> +    <p>Decide on any matter of social policy.</p>
> +
> +    <p>This includes social norms and customs, non-technical communication
> +    among developers, and day-to-day organization matters within the Project.
> +    </p>
> +  </li>

The above power seems daft.  soc-ctte deciding that farting loudly in
DebConf dinner attendees' faces is a social norm would not make it so.
This power needs omitting or rewriting to be much closer to the
equivalent tech-ctte one, so it does not permit contradicting reality.

> +  <li>At least one third of all elected candidates should have been
> +  members of the project for at least Y/2 years, where Y is the age
> +  of the Project in years. If fewer than one third of candidates meet
> +  this requirement, the election process is repeated.</li>

Repeated an infinite number of times?  Cool DoS.

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