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Re: Unsubscription

On Sunday 11 February 2007 09:32, gunnar wrote:
> How to carry out unsubscription of the debian,project.lists? Attempts
> to do this are answered by the Debian organisation, claiming that I am
> not registerred under the address gunnar.sjoo@wp.pl, although they
> carry on sending me messages under this address. I cannot read these
> messages, because Outlook Express is blocking them, claiming that they
> contain dangerous attachments. Consequently I spend much time clicking
> away a lot of unreadable messages. How to do to stop this? Gunnar Sjöö

Check the headers of the mails for the exact address under which you are
subscribed; replace the "=" with "@". Example:
Return-path: <bounce-debian-project=fjp.debian-lists=planet.nl@lists.debian.org>

Then use the (un)subscribe form for the list to unsubscribe that address.
Example: http://lists.debian.org/debian-project/

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