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Re: Login Problem

On Sat, Feb 10, 2007 at 10:54:34PM -0500, joseph irvin wrote:
>    After I login, the command line reads frjoe@debian~$:~$
>    What do I do next?  thanks!
>    Rev. Joseph H. Irvin
Hello new user of Debian,
to paraphrase an other OS, "what do you want to do today?". It seems you
have installed the basic parts of the Debian Gnu/Linux operating system.
This is a good start. You can add application to browse the web, compose
email, and other fun and useful things. Some folks at this point also
want to add X windows and some graphical user interface like KDE or
GNOME. You have sent your message to the 'debian-project' mailing list
which is to discuss things related to the Debian project and not to
specific users requests such as yours. You should subscribe to the
Debian-user list and ask your question there as that is the proper
forum. If you provide that forum with more detailed specifications as to
what you need to do, we shall attempt to assist you in that endevor.
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