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Re: Debian and software patents (Was: Re: how to donate free program for Debian?)

Daniel Ruoso wrote:
> Qua, 2007-01-31 às 09:21 +0100, Martin Schulze escreveu:
> > I seem to recall Keving mentioning a "patent minefield", which I would
> > interpret not only as an area of computer science in which several
> > patents exist but also that they are tried to be enforced.  If this is
> > the case, Debian should be careful.  See the mp3 encoder issue, Debian
> > hasn't been challenged by the patent holder but still it doesn't
> > distribute them instead of ignoring the patents as your text would assume.
> You know, this is something I've been thinking for some time... There
> are places where software patents are not valid and cannot be enforced
> (Brazil being one of them, for instance). Isn't it time to think about a
> non-epatents repository hosted in one of this places?

We have backports.org, we have volatile.debian.net, we have debian-unofficial.org,
we have debian-multimedia.org, we have apt-get.org.  I don't know of a reason why
there shouldn't be somebody starting a Debian package repository on
patented-debian.org hosted in Brazil.



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