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Debian and software patents (Was: Re: how to donate free program for Debian?)

Qua, 2007-01-31 às 09:21 +0100, Martin Schulze escreveu:
> I seem to recall Keving mentioning a "patent minefield", which I would
> interpret not only as an area of computer science in which several
> patents exist but also that they are tried to be enforced.  If this is
> the case, Debian should be careful.  See the mp3 encoder issue, Debian
> hasn't been challenged by the patent holder but still it doesn't
> distribute them instead of ignoring the patents as your text would assume.

You know, this is something I've been thinking for some time... There
are places where software patents are not valid and cannot be enforced
(Brazil being one of them, for instance). Isn't it time to think about a
non-epatents repository hosted in one of this places?


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