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Re: something related to the soc-ctte

Kevin Mark <kevin.mark@verizon.net> writes:
> myriad flamewars and personal insults. Are they not examples of poor
> social skills and are they not part of the great memory called the
> internet? 

To me, there is a big difference in having various flammable
discussions, including suggestions to the removal of a persion, in
various mailing lists, and having a dedicated repository for such an
information. This may be a thin and arbitary difference, I admit, and
I'm still thinking about my position on this.

> If that person resolved the bad interactions, this would be reflected in
> this post. Resolving social issue is a good thing. And the interaction
> would contained in this report, not on a list that is usually searched
> and cached like google.

Yes, resolving an issue is a good thing. But, let me take a real-life
example of what would be stored in the BTS/archive: It would contain
something like two years worth of flammable mails and various
arbitration attempts between a developer and a team (Sven vs. d-i),
with no real solution. Now, do you feel that it would be OK to have
that flame war available to a prospective employer of Sven? At the
moment a prospective employee would have to wade through loads of
Internet pages (Google search for "Sven Luther Debian" does not return
anything negative).

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