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something related to the soc-ctte

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Hi *,
After reading about various issues that arise in Debian on a social level, I
thought about a possible solution: a Developer BTS. This would be modeled upon
a mixture of the packages bts and Ebay seller comments. In it, each developers
would get a 'Developer page' where people could file non-technical bugs against
a developer. Ebay has feedback pages where perspective buyers can see what past
buyers have said about this person like if they had any shipping problems, if
an item was damaged, etc. I image that a developer bug would fall is to various
catagories and severities in a similar fashion to packages. So that someone (be
it the DPL, other Debian devels, or bug reporters) could see if this person
treated a past person like he/she was treated. This would be used to show a
pattern of behaviour as opposed to someone doing something one time and having
consequences. It also could be used to show areas of improvement where a
developer might need some remediation to help them fit in better in the
community. There is also the opposite, where people could give praise for very
good interaction. One of the implemtation details that is not very clear to me
is about which aspects of this should be private (eg. email address of sender,
all comments, viewable by the dev only, viewable by the DPL only, etc.) if at
all, in accordance to Debian's usual openness. And like the BTS, developer bugs
could have 'moreinfo', 'done', 'wontfix'. This would be a way to provide
communication between 2 people to possibly resolve an issue and 'done' would
indicate the issue being resolved while 'wontfix' would indicate an
unresolvable problem. here are possible example of severities:

critical: person physically assaults others in RL
grave: person is verbally argumentative with people in RL
serious: person refuses work with me because of person issues
important: person uses sexists or racist language
normal:  person make verbal attacks of a personal nature
minor: person sometimes uses curse words

This is only an example but probably not very good or complete. This would be a
way to monitor the social health of the Developer community and could be used
as a tool for something like a soc-ctte or the DPL.
ps. if I could implement this, I would but coding a hundred lines of perl does
not qualify me to create a bts suitable for 1000 developers. I leave more
complex things to those who can do it. A bird can fly, but a fly can not bird.
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